July, 21

Local Gems

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Hidden Outdoor Sculptures: Art in Unexpected Places

Discover hidden outdoor sculptures in unexpected places: monumental sculptures tucked in gardens, unique artwork tucked away down city alleyways, and even tiny sculptures tucked into crevices in walls. Uncover the art world's best-kept secrets.

Hidden Boutique Shops: Unique Retail Experiences

Step off the beaten path and explore the hidden gems of local shopping. Discover unique boutiques filled with one-of-a-kind treasures—from vintage evening wear to handmade jewelry—that you can't find anywhere else. Uncover hidden boutique shops to experience the joys of unique retail.

Hidden Historic Churches: Architectural Marvels

From vernacular chapels hidden in rural valleys to iconic cathedrals holding ancient secrets, these hidden historic churches are architectural marvels worth discovering.

Hidden Hiking Trails: Scenic Adventures Less Traveled

Discover remote hiking trails with unspoiled nature and stunning views. Explore hidden paths and trails less traveled, with adventures waiting for the intrepid traveler!

Hidden Art Galleries: Exploring Lesser-Known Exhibits

Explore the depths of art galleries off the beaten path to uncover hidden gems! Discover different styles and artists that have rarely, if ever, been seen before. Who knows what secrets these art galleries may reveal?

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Latest articles