July, 19


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Hidden Waterfalls: Nature’s Marvels Away from Crowds

Be amazed by the wonders of nature that lie beyond the beaten path! These hidden waterfalls, untouched and unpolluted, will be your own secret oasis to get lost in.

Secret Gardens: Exploring Hidden Urban Oases

Dive into a world of wonder and tranquility: hidden urban oases, known as secret gardens. Discover these sanctuaries of greenery and explore the beauty of nature in the midst of bustling cities.

Hidden Wildlife Sanctuaries: Animal Encounters

Nature's hidden gems come to life in these secluded wildlife sanctuaries, offering visitors a chance to get up close and personal with some of the rarest species on Earth.

Sunset Cruises and Sailing Adventures for Couples

Experience the serenity and romance of a sunset sail on the open water. Let the gentle rocking of the waves carry you and your partner into the glowing sky as you watch the sun slowly dip below the horizon. A sunset cruise promises to be an unforgettable journey for you and your significant other.

B&Bs with Gourmet Chocolate Tastings

Visitors looking for a sweet treat can sample and savor gourmet chocolates from around the world during their stay at these delectable B&Bs. Come for the luxurious accommodations – but stay for the chocolate!

B&Bs with Jacuzzi Suites: Luxury and Relaxation

A Jacuzzi suite can be the perfect treat for a romantic getaway, for guests seeking a luxurious staycation, or for those looking to indulge in an escape of pure relaxation. Experience a soothing soak in an open-air bubble-filled tub surrounded by scenic views.

Signature Dishes at B&Bs: Must-Try Plates

Chances are if you’ve stayed at a B&B you’ve enjoyed a delicious, memorable breakfast. From warm buttermilk pancakes to baked omelets and French toast, peruse these must-try signature dishes to find your new favorite.

Farm-to-Glass Cocktails: Sipping Crafted Creations

Sip your way into the modern mixology trend: farm-to-glass cocktails. Crafted with local, seasonal ingredients, these creations offer delicious, unique flavors and a flavorful way to experience the harvest.

Culinary Festivals: Celebrating Food and Drink

From Michelin-starred chefs to passionate home cooks, Culinary Festivals are for everyone! Get inspired and explore the endless array of flavors, cultures, and techniques. Come join us for a truly unique food and drink experience!
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Adventure Awaits: B&Bs in Outdoor Paradises

Explore the great outdoors with a stay at one of these breathtaking Bed & Breakfasts. Enjoy soaring mountains, serene deserts, lush forests, and beautiful beaches, all while connecting with nature like never before. Adventure awaits!

Adventure for Two: Couples’ Activities at B&Bs

At B&Bs across the country, escape the everyday and embark on an adventure for two. Let the stunning views, romantic trails, and cozy vibes inspire the perfect couples' getaway.

Adventure Photography Tips for Capturing B&B Memories

Capture your adventures with beautiful, timeless photographs that capture the serenity of B&B vacations. Learn how to get the perfect shots with these adventure photography tips!

Anniversary Celebrations at Charming B&Bs

Celebrate your anniversary in style at a cozy and charming bed and breakfast. Enjoy romantic strolls, delicious meals, and attentive service from your friendly hosts. Relax and create lasting memories in the perfect anniversary escape.

Antique Hunting: Finding Treasures in Hidden Shops

Antique hunting often lends itself to thrilling adventures, where hidden gems can be unearthed and amazing stories of yesteryear can be brought to life. Why not come explore the past and see the treasures you could take home?

Architectural Gems: Unique B&B Accommodations

Discover one-of-a-kind stays in some of the world's most unique buildings! From converted windmills to vintage railway stations, these architectural gems provide a luxurious and unforgettable experience.

Artisanal Bakeries: Savoring Freshly Baked Goods

Taste the classic comfort of homegrown flavor with artisanal bakeries. Enjoy freshly baked creations made with passion and love, all crafted with quality and care. Indulge your senses with delightful treats created with care and skill.

Artistic Retreats: Couples’ Painting and Crafts at B&Bs

Couples, retreat to a cozy B&B for a romantic and creative getaway. Explore your artistic side through painting and crafting while bonding in an intimate setting. With everything provided for you, making something special together has never been easier.

B&B Adventures on a Shoestring Budget: Money-Saving Hacks

Discover how to create your B&B adventure without breaking the bank. With our top money-saving hacks, you can stretch your budget and enjoy a break that won't cost an arm and a leg.