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Adventure Awaits: B&Bs in Outdoor Paradises

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Welcome, intrepid traveler! Feel the wind in your hair and the sand beneath your feet — adventure awaits in the world’s greatest outdoor paradises. From river hikes to beach strolls, discover the thrills and relaxation of some of the world’s most beautiful views. And what better way to experience the great outdoors than to enjoy a unique Bed and Breakfast? We’ll take you on a journey to some of the most extraordinary B&Bs, all located in the most stunning outdoor scenery. So get ready — it’s time to explore!
Adventure Awaits: B&Bs in Outdoor Paradises

1. Explore the Great Outdoors: Unique B&Bs in Paradises

Are you ready to explore the great outdoors? With many paradises located around the world, it’s time to discover unique accommodations that will make your outdoor adventure unforgettable. We have rounded up a few of our favourite B&Bs to get you inspired.

Brighton Beach, UK

The traditional seaside B&B of Brighton Beach offers an unforgettable experience in the serenity of the British Coast. With the majestic Chalk Cliffs in the backdrop, you can enjoy the peacefulness of the sandy beaches while exploring the small but vibrant city of Brighton. The B&B offers three modern yet cosy rooms well equiped with all the essentials and some unique quirks that make it truly one of a kind. With the surrounding picturesque landscape, this cosy accommodation is the perfect place to relax and admire nature in all its beauty.

Kangaroo Island, Australia

A great outdoor option for holidaymakers is the beautiful Kangaroo Island. As one of Australia’s most diverse and unique ecosystems, this destination offers much more than just breathtaking beaches and incredible wildlife. You can stay in the luxurious B&B located on the island that offers a relaxing and enjoyable stay for those that want to explore all the island has to offer. The B&B offers numerous rooms with spectacular views of the surrounding waterfront. With a combination of modern amenities and nature in its purest form, this B&B provides the perfect getaway for outdoor adventurers.

Patagonia, Chile

Experience the rugged wilderness of Patagonia with a unique stay in one of the area’s B&Bs. Located in the middle of a spectacular mountain landscape, this B&B offers an spacious and comfortable stay for those on the lookout for adventure. To make the experience truly special, you will have the opportunity to explore a number of outdoors activities such as horseback riding and hiking. With modern amenities and amazing cuisine, this is one stay you will never forget.

Kula, Maui, Hawaii

The beauty of Hawaii is awe-inspiring and the perfect addition to any outdoor trip. The tropical setting of Kula Maui is home to a stunning B&B on the lush cliff side. The B&B offers peaceful rooms with spectacular views, a bar and restaurant for memorable meals and a tranquil spa for relaxing moments. With terraces and balconies you can enjoy the surrounding panoramic views in the comfort of your room. Soak up the sun and the sand and forget everyday life in the beauty of this uninterrupted paradise.
1. Explore the Great Outdoors: Unique B&Bs in Paradises

2. Discover a Fantasy Getaway You Never Knew Existed

The Queen’s Tower

Have you ever imagined a secret tower, hidden away in a mystical wood? At the Queen’s Tower, you can discover an enchanting and mythical getaway like no other! This beautiful, Elizabethan-style tower has been carefully restored to its former grandeur, and now provides luxurious lodgings across four levels. Wander through the magnificent hallways of the castle, and explore the magical, mythical forest and meadow gardens – the perfect oasis for recharging your batteries or reconnecting with nature.

Royal Rooms

Being a royal guest of the Queen’s Tower, you will faced with the dilemma of choosing from a range of exquisitely decorated rooms across the four levels. Whether you are dreaming of a cozy fireside stay or a luxurious escape, you can be sure to find everything you need, including fine furnishings, comfy beds, and amenities to make your stay even more special.

Spa and Well-Being

A stay at the Queen’s Tower would not be complete without indulging in their divine spa and wellness facilities. Unwind in the tranquil stone-clad pool or enjoy a therapeutic massage in one of the treatment rooms.

Delightful Treats

Sample fine-dining in the grand dining hall, or savour culinary delights in the candlelit lower levels. A smorgasbord of delicious options is available, from the freshest organic produce to sweet desserts.

Mystical Activities

Discover a world of adventure and enchantment with plenty of activities to choose from!

  • Explore the beautiful grounds with expert guides
  • Experience equestrian sports with private lessons
  • Take part in inspiring workshops
  • Go on bird-watching tours
  • Visit star-lit outdoor cinemas
  • Go on historical tours to learn about the Tower’s past

The Queen’s Tower is a gateway to a fantastical world, where your stay can be as extravagant or as low-key as you’d like it to be. Whether it’s for a few nights or for a fully immersive experience, the Queen’s Tower is a treat for all the senses.

3. Break Away from Ordinary and Experience Unforgettable Adventure

Are you ready to break free from the ordinary and embark on an unforgettable adventure? Then it’s time to dust off your passport, start dreaming, and make it a reality. Here are 3 great ways to ensure you have the adventure of a lifetime.

  • Go Local – Don’t forget the allure of your own backyard. Look closer at the places nearby you, there are always hidden gems and unique experiences lying just around the corner. The perfect day trip or weekend getaway may be right in front of you all along.
  • Seek Adventure – Whether it’s trekking the backcountry or exploring a new city, there are endless opportunities all around us to go on an adventure. Look for outdoor activities, seek out hidden areas, color outside the lines and let yourself explore unexplored areas. The world is your oyster!
  • Take a Risk – Experience a culture far away from home, try a food you’ve never had before, visit a place you’ve always wanted to see. Being brave and taking risks often results in some of the most memorable travel experiences. Life is short, don’t miss your chance to experience extraordinary.

So that’s it! No need to make any excuses yourself. Seize the rewarding opportunities that lay ahead of you and set off on an adventure of your own design. Whether you are up for a once-in-a-lifetime hike, a one-day excursion, skim the surface of a foreign city, or all of the above, who knows what mind-opening rewards await.

The world is your playground – it’s time to kick off your shoes and embrace an unforgettable adventure.

4. Uncover the Beauty of Nature at These One-of-a-kind Outdoor Resorts

Are you looking for a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and take time to appreciate the beauty of nature? Experience the serenity of outdoor resorts like nothing else. Relax and bask in the splendid views of these destinations and enjoy the rustic charm they have to offer.

Ingonish Beach, Nova Scotia

Nestled in the spectacular Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia, Ingonish Beach conjures an almost mythical air of beauty along the rugged coastline. Enjoy the wonderfully peaceful atmosphere of this picturesque resort and spend a day or two under the open sky. With a variety of hiking trails flanking its stunning shoreline, roam the breathtaking forests of Cape Breton National Park in the warm sunshine.

Gatineau Park, Quebec

Head over to Gatineau Park in Quebec to escape the monotony of everyday life. Experience the vast beauty of this natural preserve as you explore its rustic environs. Sail across lakes, camp in the tranquil woods, and enjoy kayaking and canoeing on its vast waterways—the possibilities are practically endless. Go on a picnic or simply stretch out and let the tranquil sounds of nature soothe your soul.

Banff National Park, Alberta

This incredible outdoor resort nestled in Alberta’s majestic Rocky Mountains will mesmerize your senses. Take part in a variety of activities such as skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, and kayaking. Marvel at the stunning turquoise waters of Moraine Lake, admire the picturesque architecture of Lake Louise, and gaze upon the stunning beauty of Mt. Temple and its foreign landscapes.

Castlegar, British Columbia

Explore Castlegar and be mesmerized by the breathtaking scenery of its surrounding mountains and verdant forest like never before. With the great outdoors on your doorstep, stop and smell the fresh air, sit by the river, and observe the animal life that teem around its waters. Take a walk down the trails and embrace the tranquility of the nearby lakes. Capture the unforgettable vignettes of gorgeous landscapes in your lens to keep forever.

Though it’s not always easy to find the time to plan your next adventure, the places your exploration could take you are worth the effort. Whether you seek relaxation, excitement, or something in between, you’ll find that the world of Bed and Breakfasts in outdoor paradises has it all. So pack your bags, buckle up your seatbelts, and prepare yourself for the journey ahead – adventure awaits!

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